Artes Del Mundo is owned and operated by our family, the Quinteros family, along with some trusted partners we value and could not do without!  We are David, Jenn, Cat, Dom and Zach, and our furry child, Chewy.  It is a true pleasure to meet and do business with you!

My husband David and I are both first generation Americans.  His family came from Ecuador – traveling to the United States to provide a better opportunity for the children. Late nights, after caring for the family, his mom would quilt for local manufacturers.  She was highly skilled, having learned her craft in her home country.  She would make complex designs with a sewing machine on pillows and cushions for sofas.  David would help his mom late into the evenings, to support the family and help make ends meet.

My own family was involved in the exact same craft.  My family came from Cuba in times where all you could bring were the clothes on your back.  The family business was clothes making, something my grandmother and my aunt did for years to support the family.  “Costuras” was the way to make ends meet – it was a skill brought down the family line for many generations. 

As we got older and began to lose these very important matriarchs in our lives, we realized that the arts and culture of handicrafts is how most developing countries get by.  These are entrepreneurial areas dominated by highly skilled, hardworking women.  In our families these are women we appreciate, celebrate and miss very much every day.  These are families, towns, and villages using their exceptional talents to make it to tomorrow, and then another day, and hopefully to keep families together and make better futures.

Today, these artisans face significant challenges.  A global pandemic impacts tourism, purchasers face unemployment and tighter budgets, larger manufacturers in Asia sell machine-made lookalikes for pennies on the dollar using child labor, unhealthy materials, and unethical business practices.  Some of the crafted items we offer in our store take weeks and months to make, but can be mass-produced overnight in synthetic materials shipped from China for under $10.  We feel that it is our responsibility to do our part to save the artisans, to honor their crafts and to help their families.  Will you help us?

We believe there are two types of buyers for these types of products – those who are looking for the best deal, and those who appreciate the art of the craft.  The latter frequents farmers markets, craft fairs and the bazaars of the world.  We seek out those who believe that artisanship is art, and thus the name Artes del Mundo, or “Arts of the World” came to be.

Our goal is simple – to seek out handmade, crafted, excellent quality items from around the world and bring them into your home.  A throw blanket made with love and care for months, is no longer just a blanket – it has become a personal work of art, a treasured gift and an expression of skill.  We look to bring you a well-rounded range of handmade products, and commit to doing our homework on the where, what and how they come to be.

Our mission: Deliver ethically sourced, eco-friendly, handmade goods from around the world into the modern home by connecting consumers and artisans worldwide.  Our aim is to create a movement of positive life change for the artisans and their families, and encourage impactful and responsible consumer purchase decisions from our customers.

We completely understand this is impossible to accomplish overnight.  In the interim, our promise to you, our customer, is an unwavering commitment to do our best and ultimately, over time achieve this goal.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy!